Vital Weekly is the oldest e-mail magazine, which appears 48 times a year and has the latest experimental music reviews.

Vital started in 1987 as a paper magazine. Its simple xeroxed form ensured free copyright; everybody was encouraged to make and distribute copies. Until 1995, 44 issues were made, and with the arrival of the Internet, Vital changed into a pure review newsletter; since then, it has appeared online weekly, still as a free service and still without copyright.

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  • Number 1440
    Week 21 WOLFGANG SEIDEL – FRIENDLY ELECTRONS (CD by Karlrecords) *MARC BEHRENS – CLOULD (CD by Cronica Electronica) *LAURENT SAïET AND GUESTS – THE LAST MAN BEFORE DAWN (CD TrAce Records) *PHOANØGRAMMA & LUCA FERRO – LIMEN MEMORIAE (CD by Unexplained Sounds Group) *ALEX KELLER – SLEEP ROOM (CD by Elevator Bath) *ELOINE – MOLDY CUSHIONS (CD by Flag Day Recordings) *GIORGIO PACORIG & STEFANO GIUST – COSI COM’E (CD by Setola Di Maiale) *MARIA BERTEL – MONOPHONIC (CD by Relative Pitch Records) *SOFÍA SALVO – ROTAROTA (CD by Relative Pitch Records) *KATHY HINDE – TWITTERING MACHINES (LP by TBC… Read more: Number 1440
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Number 1439

Vital Weekly
Vital Weekly
Number 1439